Hope is Here: Authentic Relationships and Unique Experiences make for a Transformative Summer

Every year youth apply to apprentice in Nehemiah’s Workshop, CHAT’s woodworking shop that is a part of our Work Leadership Institute. Traditionally this program attracts young men, until last summer when Nehemiah’s Workshop welcomed three new apprentices; two were the program’s first girls.  

Read on to see how Erika was transformed in Nehemiahs's Workshop...

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Hope is Here: Hope in Creativity

Church Hill Academy (CHA) Sophomore Zion is a student brimming with creativity, passion, and emotion. Though he may not love every aspect of school, he does enjoy writing. Chandra Wright, a Math and Computer teacher at CHA, and Katrina Schwien, a Year Long Resident at CHA, saw this as an opportunity to engage. When a colleague showed Zion’s artwork to Chandra, she challenged him to create a piece for her classroom.

Read on to see the hope we find in Zion's creativity and personal growth...

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Hope is Here: Serving So That Others May Serve

Few things stand in the way of the unstoppable force of 20 hungry upper-elementary students sprinting off of the bus to eat the delicious food prepared for the After School Program here at CHAT. However, on a particular Wednesday, 11-year old Nadje decided that after enjoying snack with her fellow middle-schoolers, she would eagerly serve food to the newly arrived younger students rather than play with her friends.

Read on to see how one of our 11-year old students is prompted to eagerly serve her peers through loving service...

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