A Lesson in Unconditional Love


A couple of months ago my tutoring site, Site 1110 gained 2 new students, one in kindergarten and the other in second grade. 

I had the pleasure of tutoring one young girl, a second-grader, for her first couple of weeks. One day when I was tutoring her, she had finished her math and English and the last thing she had to do was read one chapter of The World According to Humphry, a book all second-graders at her school were reading together. 


As soon as I mentioned reading she got upset and said, “Nooo, no I already finished all my work.”

She wasn’t confident in reading and didn’t want to read in front of me. After I spent some time talking and encouraging her, she decided to give it a shot, and we began to read together. We started reading the first few lines and then we approached a word she couldn’t pronounce, she got frustrated and said, “I don’t want to read anymore.” “But if you don’t read you can’t go play,” I replied. “We can sound it out together.” She said, “Okay.” So we began again, together, reading and sounding out each word she couldn’t pronounce. 


Before we knew it we had finished reading the chapter. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “We’re done! I read the chapter!” 

We put her work and her book away and cleaned up our work area. Before she left to play she asked me if she could draw on the chalkboard. I told her she couldn’t 

draw on the chalkboard but she could use the white board. I opened up her binder to write in her tutor log, and when I finished I put her binder away and turned around to see her drawing on the chalkboard. When she realized I’d caught her she looked up at me and said, “I’m sorry, are you still proud of me?”  With that question my heart just sank. “Yes, I’m still proud of you,” I told her, my arm over her shoulder. 


The fact that she believed one bad decision she made would change my feelings toward her makes me think about God’s unconditional love towards us. 

As a human I find it so difficult to understand unconditional love. Society teaches us to love based on conditions, to leave people who hurt us or do us wrong. God teaches us to love regardless of what people do or how they treat us, and not just your family and friends, but everybody. He shows us this love constantly; no matter what we do He continues to call us His beloved. Regardless of what my kids may do or the decisions they make, I will strive to love them how my Heavenly Father loves me, unconditionally. They are not the wrong they do or bad decisions they make. This young girl is not a disobedient student but one who pushes through struggles and self-doubt to accomplish a goal.


Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8

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