Black Lives Matter

I am aware that this phrase has the potential to open up a can of worms,
but I believe black lives matter, and I believe in the overarching
philosophy behind this statement. 

This doesn't mean I agree with all the ways in which it is communicated, but it means I agree that being black in this country makes one more susceptible to discrimination, racism, and inequality, and that life is more fragile and precarious as a black person, particularly a young, black man.


That matters to me, and I want to be a part of changing that. I'm not an extremely vocal person and probably never will be, but I can still make a difference. 


I believe in the power and beauty of small acts of love, service, and friendship over the long haul. I believe that we do this at CHAT, and I believe it makes a difference. 

All of these young men matter to me, and they matter to God. And if given the chance, I believe they can make our world a better place (and already have). 

Let's believe in them together. Let's love them together. Let's encourage them together. And if you have the same privilege I have to get to know them, you will be changed for the good. 


Thank you for caring for these young, black men, and for the work of God through CHAT. Thank you for believing in me and my family as well. 

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