Young adults find the confidence to lead at On Point Prints

If you walk past the On Point Prints Shop in the Rez House you may hear the lively music and hearty laughs that fill the hallway when the On Point Prints team is hard at work. This month we’re excited to introduce you to Asia’Nae (Pictured Right), a Franklin Military Academy Freshman who is gaining the confidence to lead at On Point Prints.

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Meet Robert and Davonte, an awesome mentor/mentee duo!

Volunteer Robert Wilson first heard of CHAT when he was in new members class at Third Church with CHAT founders Percy and Angie Strickland. It was their stories of hospitality that appealed to Robert’s heart to serve. So years later when Robert retired he started mentoring Davonte, a 5th grader at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School.

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Hope is Here: A Mother's Hope

When 2-year old LeeShee’ Rose tentatively stepped into her Tiny Tykes classroom for the first time, her hesitancy was evident as she stayed to herself and neglected those who wanted to talk or play with her. As this behavior continued, DarShee’, her mother, anxiously waited day after day for updates on her child. She even went as far as to call Tiny Tykes 5 times a day to check in, while regularly sneaking into the building to check on her daughter’s classroom.

Read on to see how a mother's resiliency and love for her daughter led to hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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