Daniel's Story

Daniel at CHAT summer camp this year (June 17 - 28, 2019)

Daniel at CHAT summer camp this year (June 17 - 28, 2019)

Every week Daniel watched his older siblings and cousins get on the CHAT bus to go to after school programming. And every week he would ask his mom when he could go. “When you reach Kindergarten,” she told him. Two years ago that day finally came for Daniel - the day he could get on the CHAT bus with his siblings and join them for after school programming.

Throughout the past two years, Daniel's program leaders and mentors have noticed him grow. He came into after school programming with a lot of energy that would translate into difficulty focusing or sitting still. Daniel still carries the same energy and excitement he started with, but that energy is now channelled into encouragement towards others and dedication to his homework and extra-curricular activities.

This year Daniel started attending a weekly hip hop class as part of a CHAT partnership with the Robinson Theater. He has flourished under dance instruction and pours his time and energy into learning and practicing new moves. Daniel exudes joy in all that he does, whether it is playing a game with his after school mentor or learning a new dance. Daniel's mother, Chiquita, remarks: "the same smile he wakes up with is the same smile he goes to bed with." We're grateful CHAT has been able to play a role in helping Daniel grow in character and develop his interests!

We featured Daniel’s story at our 2019 Spring Banquet. Watch the video below to hear Daniel's mother, Chiquita, talk about the legacy and impact of CHAT in her family

Story by Phebe Meyer
Video by Drew Darby