It Only Takes One

It only takes one caring adult to make a difference in a child’s life.

It's amazing when you watch this fact come to life before your eyes. In the months I have been at CHAT, I have seen a significant and positive change in many of our students.


Children need more than just to be physically safe in an environment, they need a trustworthy adult investing in them and reminding them of their worth, daily. 


Some of the kids I've come to know have adults in their lives who make them feel unnoticed, or not believed in.

Some of these adults even include their own parents or teachers. However, when they come to CHAT, we make sure each one of them have a sense of belonging, feel known and loved, and are reminded of their importance in the world. 


Some of our kids have wonderful adults in their lives, parents and teachers, who provide them with love and attention. 

At CHAT we are happy to enrich their lives further by providing them with programs where they can engage with peers and older mentors. 

Aria*, an 11-year-old girl from a very unstable home environment, started the year as an extremely difficult student at my tutoring site. From chasing younger kids and threatening to beat them up, to refusing to work with the any volunteer tutor or do any homework, she was one of my biggest challenges (…and my favorite students). 


But over the course of a few months, I believe Aria started noticing that whenever she arrived, I was all up in her grill. I found an amazing volunteer to commit to tutoring her every week. Eventually, she started to engage with us, even opening up about her fears. 


She started to work diligently every week, and eventually won our work-ethic award one week. 

It’s hard to say why there has been such a positive change in Aria, but I have a strong feeling that her tutor’s investment, as well as mine, has made her feel safe and cared for. She truly is an amazing young girl.


*Not her actual name

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