Meet Danielle, London, and Landon

Tiny Tykes has been working hard this year to increase parent involvement on site. Becca Granger, Director of Tiny Tykes, has seen how on-site volunteer opportunities help to build relationships with parents and make it possible for scholarship families to give back.

Danielle is the perfect example. Her oldest daughters, now 15 and 12, grew up in CHAT’s After School Program. This past year, her 3-year old twins, London and Landon attended Tiny Tykes, and during that time, Danielle has planned events, coordinated teacher appreciation gifts, and volunteered for Vacation Bible School. One particularly memorable event was the Valentine’s Day party, where Danielle worked with two other moms to plan crafts, a storytime, and cookie decorating for the preschoolers, going above and beyond anyone’s expectations for that special celebration.

“My kids have gotten a lot from CHAT, so I feel like you should at least give a little back.”

Tiny Tykes has been foundational in London and Landon’s early growth, development, and spiritual formation. Over the past few months Danielle has seen the twins come out of their shell, learn to communicate, and become more social with their friends. They have also become more comfortable with structured schedules and following instructions.

Home visits from the staff at Tiny Tykes, an initiative that began this past year, helped foster confidence for London and Landon and enhanced communication with parents. Lauren Withrow, a lead teacher at Tiny Tykes, had the opportunity to meet London and Landon’s father and see the supportive environment they are growing up in throughout the year. The twins were so excited to have their teacher in their home and the visit increased their readiness to go to school. Danielle says, “They love Tiny Tykes. They used to get up every morning and they would go sit on the porch and wait for the bus and look to see for the bus to come down the street.”  

Tiny Tykes is filled with many parents like Danielle who care a lot about their kids’ development and are eager to get involved on site. Becca notes that Tiny Tykes serves, “lots of really great parents with really challenging situations.” We’re striving to continually deepen our quality and expand our hours and options so that we can continue to serve these really great parents and strengthen our community together.

This story originally appeared in the 2017-2018 Annual Report.