Perseverance and Pre-Calculus

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Every year at The Academy follows a bit of a rhythm.

We start pretty strong. Everyone is bought in with great attitudes towards classes. Then, as months go by, the enthusiasm starts to fade, classes seem to get harder, and some students start to want to give up.

That’s exactly the story of my Pre-Calculus class through the end of the first quarter. By that time, all 3 of my students were exhausted, discouraged, and wanted to drop the class. But as small as the school is, we didn’t have classes they could switch to until second semester, so we had a conversation about perseverance and giving the rest of first semester the best that they’ve got. (We also watched and discussed “Stand and Deliver” for some extra inspiration.)

I’ve seen some great changes over the past two months, and so I asked my Pre-Calculus students to write about their experiences. Below are their responses:

PreCal! When I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is calculations. At the start of the year, it was a really big push for me, because there were only two of us in the whole class. In a small class there isn’t much talking, so it was hard for me to learn. As the year went on, I just wanted to give up, but something changed. I went from not knowing anything we were talking about to being fully knowledgeable of everything that was taught. This class has made me realize that there will be hard choices in your life where you have to get through them or give up. The best thing to do is to keep going and face the challenge.


Hello supporters of Mr. Nemitz,
As a student of Mr. Nemitz’ Pre-Calculus class, I want to say thank you for funding him, and motivating him to inspire us to be the best students we can be. Though the class started rough, with Mr. Nemitz’ help we were able to pull through and believe in ourselves like he believed in us. So I want to say thank you again for helping him be able to come here, teach, and guide us to greatness.
Sincerely, Ra’Quan

At the beginning of the year, I had a rough start in Pre-Calculus. The material was very hard to understand. I had trouble focusing and pushing myself. I didn’t really like the class at all. The plan for me was to drop out of the class completely. The effect it has on my grades was not normal for me. I love math and always strive to do well in math. Math had become a strong suit for me through high school. My grades were up to par. I studied. I was focused, and ready to work hard. But in Pre-Calculus I hit a bump. I wondered why I was not doing so well. Was it just easy for me in Geometry and Algebra? I don’t know for sure. So I started to give 110% in everything. I changed my mindset and now I am continuing to improve in Pre-Calculus. Thanks to Brad Nemitz for encouraging me to strive for better, to work hard, and to stay positive. I would have never persevered if it wasn’t for him.

Thanks for reading, and I'd especially like to thank all who partner with me and invest in the students and the community here.

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