CHAT Impact: Fun at Summer Day Camp

Summer is here and our students are having a ball at CHAT Summer Day Camp. Summer Day Camp is a way to continue engaging students all year 'round. Students from 1st to 8th grade join us for team building, crafts, bible instruction and field trips.

M E E T   O U R   J U N I O R   C O U N S E L O R S

We stopped by Little Tykes Summer Day Camp to chat with this years' Junior Counselors (JC's). JC's are CHAT teens who have taken on increased responsibilities to help make camp run smoothly. Trey, Tim, Summer, E'niya and Dre (bottom) have all been a part of the CHAT family for over 5 years. They have transformed from energetic kids at tutoring to trusted young adults, who have taken advantage of this leadership opportunity. We joined them as they talked about relationships and their impact on the kids.

The JC's are not only responsible for the safety of the campers, but they are also leaders and role models for the Little Tykes. The entire group agreed that being JC's has made them learn patience and self control. Summer spoke about problem solving and noted that she now understands that every problem is different and you must use different skills to address changing situations.

The JC's want people to know two things about their work here at CHAT. Dre stated that "Everybody has their own stories and you have to respect that if you want to grow a relationship with them." Mikayla, a summer intern, added "Come into this summer camp with the right attitude but also with the flexibility to change it up when it needs to be."

This group of students have received high praises from CHAT staff and students alike. We pray that all of our students gain patience, respect, flexibility and problem solving skills
as they transform and grow here at CHAT.

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