Hope is Here: A Mother's Hope

When 2-year old LeeShee’ Rose tentatively stepped into her Tiny Tykes classroom for the first time, her hesitancy was evident as she stayed to herself and neglected those who wanted to talk or play with her. As this behavior continued, DarShee’, her mother, anxiously waited day after day for updates on her child. She even went as far as to call Tiny Tykes 5 times a day to check in, while regularly sneaking into the building to check on her daughter’s classroom.

Read on to see how a mother's resiliency and love for her daughter led to hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

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Hope is Here: Authentic Relationships and Unique Experiences make for a Transformative Summer

Every year youth apply to apprentice in Nehemiah’s Workshop, CHAT’s woodworking shop that is a part of our Work Leadership Institute. Traditionally this program attracts young men, until last summer when Nehemiah’s Workshop welcomed three new apprentices; two were the program’s first girls.  

Read on to see how Erika was transformed in Nehemiahs's Workshop...

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Hope is Here: Hope in Creativity

Church Hill Academy (CHA) Sophomore Zion is a student brimming with creativity, passion, and emotion. Though he may not love every aspect of school, he does enjoy writing. Chandra Wright, a Math and Computer teacher at CHA, and Katrina Schwien, a Year Long Resident at CHA, saw this as an opportunity to engage. When a colleague showed Zion’s artwork to Chandra, she challenged him to create a piece for her classroom.

Read on to see the hope we find in Zion's creativity and personal growth...

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Hope is Here: Serving So That Others May Serve

Few things stand in the way of the unstoppable force of 20 hungry upper-elementary students sprinting off of the bus to eat the delicious food prepared for the After School Program here at CHAT. However, on a particular Wednesday, 11-year old Nadje decided that after enjoying snack with her fellow middle-schoolers, she would eagerly serve food to the newly arrived younger students rather than play with her friends.

Read on to see how one of our 11-year old students is prompted to eagerly serve her peers through loving service...

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