Young adults find the confidence to lead at On Point Prints

If you walk past the On Point Prints Shop in the Rez House you may hear the lively music and hearty laughs that fill the hallway when the On Point Prints team is hard at work. This month we’re excited to introduce you to Asia’Nae (Pictured Right), a Franklin Military Academy Freshman who is gaining the confidence to lead at On Point Prints.

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Hope is Here: Authentic Relationships and Unique Experiences make for a Transformative Summer

Every year youth apply to apprentice in Nehemiah’s Workshop, CHAT’s woodworking shop that is a part of our Work Leadership Institute. Traditionally this program attracts young men, until last summer when Nehemiah’s Workshop welcomed three new apprentices; two were the program’s first girls.  

Read on to see how Erika was transformed in Nehemiahs's Workshop...

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