Teaching and Being Taught

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A short anecdote to share from this past week. 

It was a long week of meetings; no getting around that. It was one of those weeks when Tuesday rolls around and you can’t believe it’s only Tuesday and you’re praying your heart out for the weekend. 


Thursday after work all I wanted to do was sit in my room and watch House with Chris. A student came in however, on his way out the door, and asked if I knew how to play the piano and if I’d teach him. This was a very hard moment for me.


I could have just said no to either and he would’ve left me to do what I wanted.

What I did however was (slightly) begrudgingly agree to show him a few things. I should also state that this particular student was one who I had worked with in the past and who I may have said was difficult to deal with at times.


An hour and a half flew by while we were playing and I had a great time with the kid. He was very polite and

grateful that I took the time to teach him. We then transitioned to the backyard of The Lighthouse where a few guys were playing basketball. 


I remembered a story that Chris Lee had shared previously in the week about asking a youth to teach him how to play, so I did the same thing with this student. 


He took me under his wing and for another hour or so; our roles were reversed and he taught me. 

It all culminated when we went to the courts at Chimborazo to play a game and he chose me as one of his top teammates. I was still pretty terrible at the game, but it didn’t matter. We were having fun together.


These type of moments are great reminders of why I’m here. It is not to save a life, but to be a factor in changing one. It’s funny how it is usually my own life that is being changed.

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