The Freedom of College Life

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It is a lot easier to envision a successful future for ourselves when we have been exposed to the educational environments that will enable us to thrive.

Church Hill Activities & Tutoring hosts an annual college trip event every year which provides students the opportunity to tour college campuses, visit college classes and get a glimpse into the life of a college student. Recently I participated in the college trip to Norfolk to tour Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University.


Over and over again, the students kept asking the same question. “When can we tour the dorms?”

As many of us know, in order to accommodate thousands of students, college dorms are surprisingly small, simple and cover the bare minimum requirements for everyday life. As our Old Dominion tour guide opened the door to the dorm showroom, our entire group squeezed into the tiny space.


Once inside, the student’s eyes lit up with excitement. Then it hit me.

I began to understand that it was not the extravagance of the dorm room that excited them, but what it represented. Although this dorm room was humble in appearance, it symbolized a new freedom to our students.

It represented the beginning of independence and a freedom that our students can’t wait to acquire! Witnessing the excitement of our students was endearing.


I truly believe that the LORD has entrusted Church Hill Academy’s staff with the great responsibility of preparing young leaders to become agents of change within the world.

Over the years, college campuses have matured in understanding the importance of diversity within student populations. In order to truly grasp the importance of tolerance, young adults need to encounter students from all walks of life. To those who have the courage to listen, our students have a unique story to tell.

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