The Joy of Seeing Yourself There

Walking out of the Webb Center, Old Dominion University’s Student Center,
I see joy on the faces of our Church Hill Academy students
as we begin to tour the campus.  

I overhear whispers of students saying, “This place is beautiful.  I want to go here!”  


As we continue to venture out onto campus, we begin to soak up the sunshine and 60 degree weather while watching college students pass by in between classes. Our tour guide begins to share of traditions and rituals as an Old Dominion University student and shows our group all of the academic areas and the buildings where areas of study are located.  


As we glance around campus, our students begin to picture themselves as a part of the culture, as a part of this university, as a college student!  

Walking through campus, many students came up to me excited and thankful to be in this tour.  They even pointed out to me which buildings there classes could be in.  


One of our Juniors, Ashawrie, is an incredible student and is also an awesome athlete.  She just started at Church Hill Academy this year and after graduation in June of 2017 plans to study Exercise and Sports Medicine.  She is on the Armstrong High School Track and Field team.  She wants to continue to push herself academically and athletically.  

While walking around Old Dominion’s campus, Ashawrie walks next to me, looks at me, and says, “I can see myself here.”  

Hearing her excitement and seeing her feel a part of something bigger than Church Hill, was inspiring.  She is an incredibly dedicated, motivated, and hardworking student.  I am excited to see where she ends up in a year and I am so blessed to have her here at Church Hill
Academy.  It has been an incredible journey walking alongside Ashawrie as she takes the SAT, completes the College Mentor Program, takes challenging classes, receives her driver’s license, and becomes the first student to drive to Church Hill Academy!  


She is living proof of how the Lord can work through our small school environment and help student’s discover their passions and the gifts He has blessed them with.


When asked what the students enjoyed about the college trip, one stated, "spending time with everyone."  

Please pray with me as our students finish up this school year and begin to strive and work towards our goals at Church Hill Academy:  Academics, Character, and Community. 

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