When Work Is Home


I am excited to be here, working with the children I love in the community
that is my home, and now a place I can say I have my own home. 

Recently I started renting a home through Urban Hope! 
Now I am living and working in the community that I love and have been a part of all my life. 


I love being a mother and raising my son, and as a teacher at Tiny Tykes I realize I have a chance to help raise other children, most of whom I have a personal connection with, and see them grow into amazing young men and women.


This year has been a wonderful blessing for me and that can only inspire me to do more for the students under my care. Alongside my new Lead Teacher Jenny Hines I am exploring many new and different ways to teach and lead and connect with the young children in our class.


As many of you know I have been a part of CHAT since the beginning as one of its “original” students.

There are many good stories to go with that. Now my son Khalil attends Tiny Tykes Preschool. Remmie Chew, who is also our new After-Care Coordinator, has the joy of being my son’s teacher for the second year in a row. My son is ecstatic about that and he shows it every day. 


When he sees Mr. Remmie his eyes light up and he smiles from ear to ear!

This is one of the reasons I came back to Tiny Tykes, to be able to live next to the people I work with in a community that is about loving and caring for each other. It’s a dream many individuals don’t have the good fortune of living. 

Being a part of this school and a part of these young ones’ lives has been one of the more defining pieces of my life.


And I am only just beginning with my journey as a preschool teacher. I look forward to working with all of my students and teachers and reconnecting with some who have left for new journeys.


I am also excited about the opportunity to work with my sister Dee-Dee again who has rejoined the staff. She and I were part of the original Tiny Tykes Lunch Bunch staff with Angie Cooke, who has been an amazing help as our new director this year. 


I am happy to be a part of the new school year here at Tiny Tykes and look forward to many days of fun and excitement and learning with the kids. I thank and appreciate you all for your continued support and love.

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