Executive Director Transition

After a thorough 4-month search process, we are excited to announce CHAT’s new Executive Director, Jonathan Chan! Jonathan has been on staff here at CHAT for the last 2 years as Chief Development Officer, but he’s also been involved as an After-School volunteer since 2012. Continue reading to find out more about the executive search process and about Jonathan’s wealth of experience.

Watch the video below to hear how excited Pastor Don Coleman, chairman of the board, and Jonathan Chan are for the next season of work in the East End:


The Executive Search Process

Back in February when Stephen Weir announced that he would be leaving CHAT, CHAT’s board of directors began the search for the next Executive Director. CHAT retained the assistance of the Davis Group, a Richmond-based consulting firm with over 25 years of executive search experience. Over the next few months, they reviewed over 50 applicants and held first-round interviews with 15 applicants. These interviews led them to 4 final candidates who went through intensive interviews with board members, current staff members, and representatives from the Davis Group. This whole process led the board to decide that the most qualified candidate who could lead CHAT into the next season with confidence was already part of CHAT - our own Jonathan Chan.

Jonathan Chan’s Bio