Our Mission

Church Hill Activities and Tutoring serves the youth of East End Richmond and equips them with the heart, head, and hands to make transformative life decisions.

Heart: Life-Giving Relationships
Head: Healthy Identity & Vision for the Future
Hands: Genuine Skills & Opportunity

Why We Do Our Work

1. Because every person is created in the image of God and therefore valuable
2. Because poverty is a destructive force, especially for children
3. Because we are hopeful for a Gospel flourishing future

How We Do Our Work

1. We create amazingly hospitable spaces
2. We build a network of authentic relationships
3. Then, we educate with meaningful skills, model integrity and teach the Gospel

Our Programs

Church Hill Academy: 9th -12th grade high school
After School Programs: K - 12th mentorship, enrichment group and tutoring
Tiny Tykes Preschool: Pre - Kindergarten and Preschool
Work Leadership Institute: Workforce development for teens

Over the past 16 years, we have served over 500 youth.