CHAT Phantoms Basketball Team

The CHAT Phantoms is a high school varsity boys basketball team that competes against other metropolitan Richmond varsity teams, in particular teams that are part of the Capital City Athletic Conference (CCAC). Our season goes from November to March, and includes about 20 regular season games plus playoffs. View the full schedule here. We have 3 objectives:

1) Increase basketball knowledge, passion, skills, and experience for every player on the team.
2) Build great team camaraderie and friendships among the players and coaches.
3) Engage each player with concepts of character and spiritual development, such as grace, forgiveness, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, friendship, obedience, and communication.

Head Coach: Tim May 804-283-2038
Assistant Coaches: Ward Marstiller and Roy Jones
Athletic Director: Murray Withrow (804-484-5584)

Read more about the CHAT Phantoms here
For more information, contact Head Coach Tim May 804-283-2038 or


CHAT Phantoms 2017-2018 Roster

Tyshawn Cooke (8) - Junior

Dashawn Carney (21) - Senior

Tyshon Ferguson (2) - Senior

Na'jir DiPasalegne (4) - Junior

Zion Dean (24) - Sophomore

Nysheem Perkins (20) - Junior

Jacob Scott III (15) - Senior

Dymond McSweeney (1) - Senior

Yishawn Robinson (9) - Sophomore

Andre Morman (30) - Freshman

Demond Hicks (22) - Sophomore