Nehemiah's Workshop Volunteer Application Form

Nehemiah's Workshop, CHAT's woodworking program, equips youth and young adults with woodworking skills to build self esteem and long-term vocational success. We are seeking volunteers with previous experience in woodworking or carpentry. The ideal volunteer is an individual that works well with others from a diverse background. The candidate must enjoy working with youth, be able to adapt easily, and have good communication and interpersonal skills. Our volunteer opportunities vary from Weekday afternoons to Saturday Mornings.

Nehemiah's Workshop Programs Include:
Basic Woodworking Life Skills Class (For elementary and middle school youth) - Volunteers Needed
Entrepreneurship Program (For teens)
Young Adult Leadership Program (For young adults post high school)
School Elective Class (for teens)

If you have any questions about volunteering in our workshop please contact Steve Trivett at

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