Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program is geared toward preparing youth for future employment by providing them with job readiness skills. We offer opportunities for part-time work during the academic year and a full-time summer program. If you are interested in joining the Workforce Development Program apply at the button below.

The Workforce Development Program has four programs:

Nehemiah's Workshop: High School students are hired to learn wood working skills and produce and sell high quality items like corn hole games, picnic tables, cutting boards, bird feeders and other products. Nehemiah's Workshop is also a life skills option for after school programming. Visit Nehemiah's Store here.

On Point Prints: Our screen printing studio is where students design and print t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, and other cloth products. Students have designed and managed orders for CHAT and clients like Dave Seibert Real Estate and the Armstrong Leadership Program.

Front Porch Cafe: CHAT's Front Porch Cafe was started in October of 2017. The Front Porch Cafe serves high quality, affordable food and drinks, while providing job skills training to young adult staff. Visit the website here.

Urban Farming: Students learn about gardening and horticulture in the CHAT community garden and through partnerships with Tricycle. Students also have the opportunity to learn business skills through participation in markets.

Find the application for this program and more, at Applications.